Thursday, 16 February 2012

Remediation between Films and Video Games

Different medias have had similar issues about the integration of different components of story.

Key concept -
Jay Bolter & Richard Remediation:
Understanding New Media MIT Press

A representation of one medium in another is called "remediation". We will argue that remediation is a defining characteristic.
 - The idea of one media in another is not radical, the interesting part is that it defines games from other types of media. You don't know its there until you look for it.

The range of different types of new media

What the media is showing you immediatley, literally.  To forget they are observing and become drawn in to the experience.
  • Immersive virtual reality
  • Photo realistic images
  • Photo realistic images

To display the media in its own constructed nature.
  • The Internet
  • Video Game HUDs

Can refer to a whole range of conventions.
Aesthetic conventions are being constantly traded between different media.

Why does remediation happen?
Media is constantly reinventing itself.

It takes time for new medium to develop unique forms of content.

Successful conventions end up being traded between different media. The 'goal' of computer games was to render into visual 3D the text based narratives of early computer games.
The format of 'Variety' programmes from radio, who had themselves taken the convention from the music halls.

Technoludic film as quotation:
Films that use the concept of video games for illustrative purposes. They are not the central theme of the film but form part of the fictional world that the film is attempting to create.

Technoludic film as remediation (1) adaptation:
Remediation in its most straight forward form to refer to the direct adaptation of computer games as a source text for a film, not just the theme.

Technoludic film as remediation (2) adaptation:
Incorporation of aesthetic and narrative codes from one form of media into another.

Concepts are not set in stone but will help you spot these conventions/concepts so we can freely discuss about them.